Pensacola Real Estate Expert Agent Shane Willis Publishes New Podcast on Florida State Supreme Court Ruling on Foreclosures

Posted by In The News on Nov 7th, 2016

Shane Willis, an award winning Pensacola Real Estate agent and best-selling author, recently published a new Podcast on the possibility of new foreclosures due to recent Supreme Court Ruling

Pensacola FL— Nov 7, 2016As an award-winning Pensacola REALTOR® and Best-Selling author, Shane Willis understands real estate and is a respected leader in the real estate industry. Shane recently published a new podcast discussing how the Florida State Supreme Court just changed the foreclosure rules.

5 minutes in real estate“I really did not want to do anything related to politics the week of the Presidential election. However this is a huge change in foreclosure laws for our state so I needed to get it to the listners” says Shane

In the podcast Shane discusses why foreclosure in Florida may rise in 2017. Shane states, “This ruling from the Florida State Supreme Court basically gives the bank a do over on foreclosures. It extends the statute of limitations if a foreclosure is involuntarily dismissed. This could affect thousand in our state”


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More About Shane Willis

Shane Willis has been helping homeowners and real estate investors for over 20 years. As a Florida resident and homeowner, as well as an income property owner and manager, Shane understands the challenges his clients face when making important real estate decisions. Shane blends his marketing savvy and education with his real estate and financial knowledge to help you maximize the investment potential of your home or other real estate.

A recognized expert in his field, Shane Willis is frequently called on to teach conferences and workshops for agents and investors. Shane is a Best-Selling author of multiple books, and an Award Winning Broker.

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